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About LXtream IPTV Player

LXtream Player IPTV and an IPTV application which gives you access to a Playlist between 8900 and 11000 international channels . And more than 23,000 VOD films and series. With good quality and above all guaranteed stability even on the day of the big match. The list of channels and VODs are updated regularly and free of charge. This happens automatically without any changes required by you. The server is stable and has been running for over 5 years. We have won praise from customers all over the world.

LXtream IPTV Features

  • You can watch a Playlist between 8900 and 11000 international channels  (all channels are well organized by categories and countries), in 4K / FHD / HD / SD qualities without bugs. And there are latest films +23000 and series (Films by category: action, science fiction, drama, comedies, documentaries, children, Arabic… (Series by category: American, Arab, documentaries, etc…
  • You can run LXtream Player IPTV anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you can continue watching your favorite channels. And there are +11,000 international channels (French, Arabic, Germany, Italian, UK, Spanish, Netherlands, Turkish, Portuguese, Tunisian, Algerian, and Africa channels, etc.). In addition to +23,000 films and series.
  • You can run it with multiple devices especially android boxes like (X96 Mini, X96 Max, T95N, X92) on the LXtream APK application . But on Smart TVs like Samsung and LG use the Smart IPTV application . On Mag, just contact us via our email. And for PC you can use the VLC program.
  • It’s a 100% streaming service. You just need to subscribe and have a minimum 8 Mega internet connection for a better viewing experience and benefit from the IPTV service. Watch our bouquets on your TV without a satellite dish.

Supported devices

– Android (LXtream IPTV APK App)

The LXtream APK application works on all Android devices whether it is an Android box. Or an Android smart TV and of course Android phones and tablets.

– IOS devices ( IPTV-Smarters Player Application )

The IPTV-Smarters Player application works on all IOS devices for example an Apple TV, or an iPhone and of course iPads, plus it works with all IPTV servers not only LXtream Player IPTV . Using service on IOS is very easy, just download and install the application on your device.

– Smart TV ( Smart IPTV Application )

For LG smart TVs installed the application from LG Store.

For Samsung smart TV, the application is no longer available on the Samsung app store, so you have to install it manually using a USB key, here are the steps:

1- Download the application file from the following link:

2- Extract (unzip) the contents of the file to the root of the USB drive.

3- Make sure that the userwidget directory is at the root of your USB key.

4- Insert it into the USB slot of your TV.

5- You will be asked to install the application (press YES) The application will appear on the My applications screen among other applications.

Once the application has been installed, all you have to do is send the list of channels in your subscription to the application.

Load your LXtream Player IPTV subscription m3u link provided at the time of subscription, at this address ( ). If you find any difficulty, our technical team is always available to help you activate your subscription directly on the smart TV, contact us on the site chat or on our email.

– Mag Boxes

LXtream Player IPTV is also compatible with MAG devices. Simply send us your Mac address in our email, then add the portal that you received on your email to your Mag Box.

– Windows / Mac os (IPTV Smarters Pro Program)

You can now enjoy your Lxtream Player IPTV subscription on Windows and MAC OS. All you need to do is download the IPTV Smarters Pro app for Windows or Mac Os. After that, the application will ask for the username, password and URL that you received in your email, enter the information and that’s it, the subscription is automatically activated. This operation is only necessary for the first time, after which you simply open the application to connect directly to the service.

Important Notes

  • If you don’t know how it happens. Buy your normal subscription. And contact your customer support by sending a message to our email. To guide you in using your subscription on your device.
  • After purchasing your subscription. Please download the LXtream APK application for free from our site:
  • If you are using an old version of LXtream APK on your box. Uninstall this version and install the latest version LXtream APK , to benefit from free updates.
  • Always check the expiration date of your subscription after purchase. The date and indicate on the Android application. If you cannot determine the validity date of your subscription. Ask your support to confirm the duration of your subscription.
  • Please just install LXtream APK Leadcool version from our site:

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